Most Imbecilic Mime Ensemble Show

MIMES is the story of three unconventional mimes and their bizarre way of life. A visual
comedy focused on the game of power and rebellion, in which through the art of mime and clown shows the absurdities of real life.
Our anti-heroes are constantly in conflict because of their different personalities.
From beginning to end, the three will laugh, cry and battle together, creating and destroying worlds: from their extravagant birth as spermatozoon to the illusion of changing an invisible light bulb, from a delirious banana tasting to a no holds barred combat packed with gags.
Between elements of black-light theater, slapstick and cartoon sounds effects the three
mimes give life to an exhilarating comic show without limits of language. MIMES is a universal show and far from the old conventions, which gives a nod to pop culture and a new life to the stereotypical white-faced mime character, a breath of fresh air suitable for an audienceof all ages. Marcel Marceau said: “Words can divide people, mime can be a bridge between
them “. But NOT in this show.




MIMES Ita         


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